"Finding Independence, Life & Meaning - One Story at a Time" J.P. Williams
The Mission of Journey and Pilgrimage Film Productions is to produce stories to create an atmosphere that encourages viewers to make a personal and emotional investment at the deepest level of their soul that inspires them to process and wrestle with their real life issues through the lens of stories created. 

The Vision Vision of Journey and Pilgrimage Film Productions is to capture and reveal real life stories that cultivates an atmosphere of Truth unconditional love and forgiveness that inspires viewers to fall in love with Jesus and encourages them to put their faith and trust in him to live life; to equip brothers and sisters in Christ with visual tools that create mindsets and attitudes for themselves that represents and reflects the heart of Jesus to their communities.  

John P Williams
Hi my name is John Williams. I have strong core values, vision and a mission for what my company represents, believes in and stands for in this large ever growing film industry field. I am the owner and founder of JPFP. My journey towards this dream of mine to live a life of a filmmaker is the best career I have ever had. In college, I double majored in Bible and Theology at Multnomah University and completed several pastoral and psychology classes for a total of 5 years of college. It was at this time this explainable, compelling and deep desire was birthed in me-a desire to create videos. I felt at this time I was given a new pair of lenses to see life and found a freedom I have never known-the freedom to do what I love and what I was meant for, my purpose. I named my business Journey Pilgrimage Film Productions because I feel it is very suiting to what my life experiences have been. My life with God has been a journey every day and a pilgrimage of challenges, beautiful explain-ably grateful moments, full of friendships, full of loses and pain, full of joys, full of wounds, full of waiting, full of dreams, full of fears, full of deep sustaining hope, full support and prayers, full of community and family and most importantly full of faith and the unmeasurable grace of God. I have committed to myself that I must create videos that help to impact and inspire others to process and wrestle with life so they too can find who they were made to be and do what they were made to do with their lives. 
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